Wednesday, April 29, 2009

6 Essential Goods

These are six things I would take to an empty island

1. Breeding pair of cows,
2. Wagon,
3. Vegetable/fruit seeds,
4. Tool kit,
5. Hunting knife with a sheath that acts as a sharpener,
6. Rope.

The reason for the breeding cows is so that you can grow a herd and produce more products. The reason for the wagon is so that you can get the bull to pull the wagon to make it bigger. The reason for the vegetable and fruit seeds is so that you can have food. The reason for the is so that I can build what I need. The reason for the hunting knife is so that I can hunt and get meat so that I can survive. The reason for the rope is so that I can lead the cowand the cart.

Sustainability Definitions

These some of the many definitions of sustainability. here's one from Wikipedia, and this one is from Check out these to get some of the best definitions possible.